If you thought wine was our only thing, think again. Madison County Winery shared a home with Twisted Vine Brewery for years. Beers on tap at the tasting room are rotated monthly and/or seasonally. We also have a selection of bottled domestics available for sale. 

TWISTED VINE BREWERY is the brainchild of 3 guys who quite simply, just love to drink great beer. Given they like to drink it so much, making it themselves seemed the only logical next step. So, after many combined years of prolific home brewing under their belts, and basements and garages filled with coolers, kegs, and gadgets of all description, Twisted Vine decided to focus our passion on providing artisan beers to the local community. Twisted Vine Brewery used to operate out of Madison County Winery’s facilities and opened their own stand alone brewery in the Spring of 2016.

Check them out at www.twistedvinebrewery.com, or on Facebook.
Location: 3320 Westown Pkwy, West Des Moines, IA 50266

BIG RACK BREW HAUS is located in the rolling hills of Madison County and is owned and operated by Aaron Oviatt and Scott Carter. They have been home brewing for five years and learning tricks of the trade from the guys at Twisted Vine Brewery​ ​before starting up the Brew Haus. The staff at Big Rack Brew Haus works hard and plays even harder, while brewing up some delicious ales for your enjoyment. The scenic drive to Madison County will provide a perfect setting for beer connoisseurs and craft beer lovers to enjoy what they have been brewing up for you.

Big Rack is in the beginning of what they plan on being a long and successful journey as they grow. In 2017, they opened their own Tasting Room in Madison County. Locally, you can find their brews through wholesale accounts in the area, and at the Madison County Winery taproom.

Location: Big Rack Brew Haus (2475 Hiatt Apple Trail Road, Winterset, IA 50273) Facebook



Sweet, seductive and satisfying, this blonde is most refreshing with a twist of citrus. Distinct, fun-loving and always agreeable, our Belgian beauty gets along with everyone. From Twisted Vine Brewery



A light, yet refreshing beer that is brewed for a warm summer day! With every drink it will keep you wanting more! This beer is brewed with American Pilsner Malt and a generous amount of Toasted Wheat from Canadian Wheat Farms and Lightly sweetened with Orange Blossom Honey from Florida Orange Groves. During secondary fermentation we Infuse Orange Zest for a Unique Twist of Flavor. Fermented with an American Ale Yeast that is slightly tart, yet crisp and clean! Hopped with American Fruity hops and finished with a touch of Citrus! From Big Rack Brew Haus



Decidedly different, uncommonly unique, surprisingly smooth…these are but a sampling of the phrases we’ve heard uttered about our exclusive Saison style beer. This is, without a doubt, a one-of-a-kind liquid remedy suited for all that “ales” you. We start with a classic Farmhouse recipe not unlike those brewed many years ago in the Wallonia region of southern Belgium. Then, we throw in a few tweaks of our own. Most notably, fresh grape juice from our partners at the Madison County Winery is infused into our brew during the boiling process. Additionally, grape husks are also utilized during the aging of this beer to impart an even more unique flavor. Give this golden, light-bodied nip a try; we think you’ll agree that it is anything but commonplace and a refreshing change of pace to the ordinary summer beer line-up. From Twisted Vine Brewery



This malty brew is deceivingly smooth. A sinister confluence of malts and oats hides behind a beautiful amber color to form a textured, medium-bodied concoction you won’t soon forget. From Twisted Vine Brewery



A suggestion of tropical fruit aroma puts a rakish spin on our classic-style amber brew. Rye and dark grains shine through ruby waves of a rich malt profile. Like the devil on your shoulder, this one is difficult ignore. From Twisted Vine Brewery



A true connoisseur will appreciate the complexity of this Brown Beer! It will leave a chocolate roasted nutty complexity on your tongue with a sweet splash of honey as it finishes on your taste buds and leave you wanting more! It’s brewed with Pale, Brown, Carmel, Victory, Honey and Chocolate Malts. Steeped with Roasted Barley for nuttiness! Lightly hopped with German Sapphire and American Cascade, Fermented with English Style Ale Yeast! Topped off with a bit of Local Honey! From Big Rack Brew Haus



This spirited IPA has a soul as dark as its pour. A furious flurry of malts and hops reap this hellstorm of a beer. Like your darkest pleasures, this piney, roasty brew is too tempting to resist. From Twisted Vine Brewery



A bold and full-bodied porter, this beer isn’t for the faint of heart. Assertive and complex but enticingly smooth, this malty brew will draw you in with its hints of toffee and caramel. From Twisted Vine Brewery

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